Christmas in the Gallery

At Archway now, a festive (red and green!) study of a Hibiscus blossom, 10 x 12 inches, pencil on paper. The gallery’s mandate this month was for us paint-slingers to create small affordable pieces that the local populace could snap up as a treasured gift for a treasured person. So I’m taking a short break from debating self…


Hi! I'm Sheila McGraw. Welcome, and thank you for visiting. I began my career toiling in the “sequin-mines” of advertising and fashion houses as an illustrator and copywriter. Then, in 1986, Firefly Books approached me to illustrate a little book titled, Love You Forever.

Welcome hyper-typers and paint-slingers to my blog about writing, illustrating, and publishing books for kids and adults; art, crafting, and whatever else tickles my fancy.