Archway Gallery

Archway Gallery 2305 Dunlavy, in the Montrose area of Houston.


Shameless self-promotion alert!… My solo show will be in February 2015 and will feature original art and giclee prints from my children’s book art past and present.

Hi! I'm Sheila McGraw. Welcome, and thank you for visiting. I began my career toiling in the “sequin-mines” of advertising and fashion houses as an illustrator and copywriter. Then, in 1986, Firefly Books approached me to illustrate a little book titled, Love You Forever.

Welcome hyper-typers and paint-slingers to my blog about writing, illustrating, and publishing books for kids and adults; art, crafting, and whatever else tickles my fancy.


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  1. Unknown on November 16, 2014 at 2:39 am

    Houston is shining even brighter now. 🙂