I Love You Too, I Love You Three Slinging Paint Part 2


Illustration by Sheila McGraw
Illustration by Sheila McGraw
OMS — Odorless Mineral Spirits — a solvent, can be used to blend pencils and pastel. When using solvents, be certain your work area is well ventilated.

After some experimentation with new materials, I fell back on my tried and true method. Using a fine semi-transparent rag paper, which is pretty great all-round for pastels, markers, and colored pencils. 

First, assembly-line style, I ruled the paper to 125% of the book’s size. (Always work larger than the final print size.) This paper is semi-transparent, allowing me to trace down the preliminary sketches in a pale blue that’s erasable.

Now comes the color. Keeping in mind the publisher’s preferences — for the child and “its” room to be gender neutral — I avoided gender-specific colors and objects.Using pastel, colored pencil and the occasional marker I blocked in the base  “washes” of color. To blend these mediums, I used a brush and OdorlessMineral Spirits.

Finally, I added shading and detail. Wanting to maintain lively energy, I deliberately made stationary objects off-kilter, and to achieve a cuddly feel, the furniture and objects are chubby looking. I also avoided black outlines which can be harsh, using indigo blue instead.

Illustration by Sheila McGraw

As I work I like to display the illustrations in order, on a wall. This helps with the continuity of color palette, characters, and content. If the bathmat is green in one scene, it better be green in the next bathroom scene.

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