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Of Love and Pies book cover art by Sheila McGraw

I can’t imagine having too many pies. But, perhaps like everything else, too much of any one thing can become overwhelming. How about too many “I love you’s”? Are the quantities of pies and the number of times someone says “I love you” connected?

If so, there would be so many pies in the world that people would be playing in them, squishing their juicy goodness all over themselves and building pie trails far into the sky, perhaps all the way to the moon. Too many pies? Perhaps. There has to be a compromise, wouldn’t you agree?…

Illustration from Of Love and Pies by Sheila McGraw

Sheila McGraw’s picture book story, Of Love and Pies, is a funny, pie-filled story about love. Or, perhaps it’s a love-filled story about pies. You choose. Told in rhyming verse and accompanied by charming illustrations, this gem of a story will entertain and amuse young readers of all ages as they compare the need for “I love you’s” with the need for more pies.

Illustration from Of Love and Pies by Sheila McGraw

The plot follows the supposition that the statement, “I love you,” equates to another pie for each time the statement is shared. And this makes the possibilities both outlandish and humorous. Like the nonsense verse of Dr. Seuss and the compassionate loving bond of stories like Robert Munsch’s Love you Forever, this story will capture our hearts more intensely with each reading. Beautifully told and funny, too. Personally speaking, though, can one really tire of either “I love you’s” or pies?

— Reviewed By
Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

Girl at Table illustration from Of Love and Pies by Sheila McGraw

Of Love and Pies by Sheila McGraw is a delightful and engaging children’s book that asks the question, Can you say “I love you” too much? What would happen if you said “I love you,” “every minute or two?” And what would happen if every time you said, “I love you,” multiple pies were baked? Would the streets be overrun with pies? Would pie suddenly become less special? Would there be so many pies that even a giant couldn’t eat them all? What should you do?

McGraw provides a wonderful story-poem to answer that question, accompanied by her own colorful illustrations.

Of Love and Pies will keep children and their parents laughing and entertained. Lively and imaginative, this captivating story-poem and the talented Sheila McGraw’s own whimsical illustrations make for a joyful read. This book describes and illustrates vivid scenarios where there are so many pies everywhere that they are literally underfoot.

The characters are colorful and magically drawn. The picture of the pies reaching up to the moon is fantastically delightful. The problem is made apparent, and then a creative and heartwarming solution is offered. Does this mean you have to stop saying “I love you?”

Of Love and Pies is a great story for parents to read to their kids. It will not only entertain but will also help teach problem-solving skills to children. This charming book would be a great bedtime read for parents and children, and is sure to end with “I love you.”

— Reviewed By
Bonnie DeMoss for Readers’ Favorite

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