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Illustrating the Book… The Choices.

Prismacolor pencils
The appeal of Prismacolor: gorgeous color, no water required, from Blick Art Supplies.

This sweet book, I Love You Too, I Love You Three, (written by Wendy Tugwood, with my illustrations, and published by Firefly Books) turned out to be so well-paced, so well received, that it’s hard to believe there might be a challenge or two in the making of the art… but there were. The first challenge was in deciding on content. The story is more than a counting book, more than a love book, more than a miss-you book. It’s all of those, and moreover, it’s a perfect bedtime book. I started doodling to see if I could capture all of them.

Illustration by Sheila McGraw for I Love You Too, I Love You Three Children's Book

For the counting, each double-page spread had objects in the number specified.

For the love, the style of the illustrations is soft, and rendered in sweet pastels with puffiness in shapes and no hard edges.

For the miss-you content, there’s a soft, nostalgic mistiness to the edges of the illustrations, which float on the page with no bleed off the page.

For the bedtime story, the drawings all take place in the child’s bedroom (with a bathroom scene for the child’s bath).

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