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dolls kids can make


(SORRY! This book is currently out of print)

This book shows how to make eleven very different dolls from a very simple, one hour crib toy to a weekend project, with simple step-by-step instructions, each accompanied by a full color photo.

Make cuddly tiny dolls, ornaments, a lace doll filled with potpourri, a granny mop doll, an up-to-date Cool Dude rag doll, a life-size baby dall, even an amazing double doll. Turn it one way and she's Little Red Riding Hood. Turn it the other way and he's the Big Bad Wolf.

Easy-to-get, inexpensive, up-to-date materials -- a pair of stretchy gloves, a cotton sock, a facecloth, panti-hose and a mop head -- are cleverly designed to eliminate most sewing.
For the sewing beginner, this is a fun, rewarding way to learn.
More than 200 color photos!


Here's a book of easy enjoyable crafts projects for kids -- all with the aim of making a valued gift for someone important.

Step-by-step simple instructions show how to make high quality toys, ornaments, dolls, jewelry, pet toys and decorative items for all occasions. All of the gifts are made from easy-to-find materials that you probably have around the house: make a bunny from a facecloth, a hobby horse from a work sock, ornaments from spices and fruit, jewelry from magazine pages, a basket from a piece of rope and some cloth strips -- and much, much more.

When the gift is finished, wrap it with lively, inventive gift wrapping in the form of bags, boxes, card and bows that are made from both new and recycled materials -- all featured in the "Wrap It Up" section.

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Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award

Step-by-step, easy instructions show how to make pigs, cats, masks, monsters and more. Eight great projects in all! Everyone has the basic ingredients for papier-mâché around the house - newspaper, flour and water - and everyone can do this creative, satisfying craft that allows you to build big, small, crazy and decorative sculpture.

More than 150 color pictures guide you through the steps and show lots of variations on the results. Try it - it's fun!

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Back by popular demand!

"This attractive, copiously illustrated, and easy to use how-to-do-it book touches all the bases."
-- Kliatt

Papier-mâché is inexpensive, requires only household items as tools, and with its wide variety of sculptural techniques and finishing treatments, it satisfies the sculptor, the painter and the craftsperson.

This book of projects ranges from simple to ambitious with clear instructions accompanied by color photos. A "Read This First" chapter gives the essentials on the papier-mâché craft, tools and materials (newspaper, cloth and wallpaper paste), techniques, painting, finishing and troubleshooting.

The 16 projects include home décor (such as bowls and napkin rings), animal characters (Meatloaf Cat, Alligator, Birdo, The Mutt, Mermaid), Monsters (Sea Serpent, Manhole Monster, Refrigerator Raider), and human figures.


(SORRY! This book is currently out of print)

With more than 1,000 step-by-step color photographs to guide the reader, and concise easy-to-follow instructions, the author demonstrates original treatments and techniques, including new stains and faux finishes, decorating with found materials, and inventive uses for fabric, posters and baskets.

Popular treatments such as dragging, smooshing, block printing, metallic leafing, crackle, faux plaster, antiquing, découpage, and other fine art and furniture finishes are included along with freehand, decorative and folk painting. Wherever needed, projects include patterns.

Projects are easy-clean-up, fast-drying and use water-based paints and environmentally friendly primers, stains, varnishes and strippers. Painting and Decorating Furniture is fully cross-referenced and indexed. The "Read This First" sections prevent mistakes, and complete Materials Lists avoid frustration.

SOFT TOYS TO SEW by Sheila McGraw

(SORRY! This book is currently out of print)

Excerpt from Amazon's customer reviews.

This book is filled with an avalanche of information before you even get to patterns and instructions. Sheila has covered any questions you may have regarding the type of fabric to use and how to work with it, the differences in the filling materials and the finishing touches of eyes and noses. There are color photos of all the finished products and the instructions are easy to follow with color coded cutting and sewing details. This is a great buy for the information in these pages.

This book contains the "typical" cuddlies that many toy books have (teddy bear, puppy dog), but also some great unusual critters (including a buzzard, a funny-not-scary monster, an alligator, and a fish) that other books tend to overlook. The instructions are pretty straightforward and the two critters I've made (the "party animal" cat and the monster) have turned out well and without glitches in the pattern.