Christmas in the Gallery

At Archway now, a festive (red and green!) study of a Hibiscus blossom, 10 x 12 inches, pencil on paper.

The gallery’s mandate this month was for us paint-slingers to create small affordable pieces that the local populace could snap up as a treasured gift for a treasured person. So I’m taking a short break from debating self vs traditional publishing because today, I, and a bunch of the fine artists at Archway Gallery hauled a new wheelbarrow-load of small-yet-awesome works in to hang through Christmas.

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The idea of one of my pieces wrapped and waiting for someone’s beloved to open it… well… I’m a sucker for romantic and/or loving gestures… and the idea warmed the cockles of my heart (cockles defined by Webster’s as an edible, burrowing bivalve mollusk—go figure). In any case, my cockles/mollusks were darn warmed by the thought, in fact steaming, lava-like. So I hopped-to-it and created five smallish floral studies. I hope you like them!
Shown here are samples of my itsy bitsy affordable works, all 10 x 12 inches, framed, and looking for wrapping paper, ribbon, and a home.

More of the floral studies hanging this month at Archway Gallery. All 10 x 12 inches, framed, pencil and pastel on paper.
Interested in my brand newly invented, never done before
technique, working with pencils, pastels and (gasp) mineral spirits?
Check out my post entitled “OMG! What happens
when Pencils meet mineral spirits.”


Meanwhile, the gallery is so delightful and the weather is so something-or-other, though certainly not frightful in Houston, so come and view the solo show of Marsha Harris’s watercolors.
Reception December 6th, 5 to 8 pm. Enjoy a light bite, wine, and complimentary valet parking at Archway; 2305 Dunlavy, in lively Montrose.
Marsha’s work is lively and insightful, with layers of meaning—and her palette is divine.

Marsha Harris’s evocative watercolor of distinctively Southern trees draped with Spanish moss.

On a more personal note, Marsha is a trooper and one tough cookie. She has been in a raging battle with the big-C and I am pleased to report her organ-mechanic looked under the hood lately and changed the oil and filter—or whatever they do—and gave her good news. Seems the retread worked and there are plenty of miles left. And most importantly, her hair looks great! (That was a joke people, settle down!) Congratulations Marsha.

If you have an interest in art techniques check out my next posting “OMG! What Happens when Pencils Meet Mineral Spirits” on a never before tried, original technique.

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  1. Unknown on December 7, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    These are gorgeous! I love your newly-invented technique.