Figure Drawings and Paintings (Nudes)

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I have always been an avid life-drawing attendee and painter of nudes. Early on, I loved the challenge of capturing, in as little as 30 seconds or as long as two-to-three hours, the form of a live model, whether nude or draped.

Life drawing is taught to many artists as an introduction to art. The complexity of the human body is a great landscape to learn essential techniques and how to translate color, form, contour, and light into an image on a page.

The community aspect of figure drawing also appeals to me. We rarely see another artist’s work in progress, and the energy of the creative group is a delight. Also there is the unexpected. Who is the model going to be? What will he or she look like? These strangers who are willing to bare all for a little cash, a bit of immortality, or to satisfy an exhibitionistic impulse are mysterious, quiet and vulnerable.

Following are a variety of figure drawings from live models. The paintings are from my photography and my imagination to create the model’s surroundings.

All life drawings are pastel and Prismacolor pencil on Bainbridge rag paper. 2.5-hour, live poses. Paintings are oil on canvas.

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