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Marilyn is a young woman who finds herself homeless and jobless in less than 24 hours due to the rain that has just flooded the entire city of Huston. Her friend Fran offers help by letting Marilyn stay at her place while she gets back on her feet again. Before Marilyn arrives at Fran’s, Fran informs her that she will go on a rescue mission with the next-door neighbors to help people affected by the flood. Suddenly Fran goes missing, and Marilyn is doing anything in her power to find her friend.

Sketchy Characters by Sheila McGraw is an intricate story of loss, grief, crime, as well as hope, love, and growth. This creative story handles themes of murder, drug overdoses, cover-ups, and finding the truth on one hand while also intertwining love interests and everyday activities on the other.

a life study drawing, pencil on rag paper, by Sheila McGraw
In Sketchy Characters, the artists of a life-drawing group are being bumped off. Here, a life study, pencil on rag paper, by Sheila McGraw.

McGraw has successfully created a cast of characters who capture the readers’ attention on the first few pages and manages to keep it to the very last page, putting them in desperate situations and even needing to make immoral decisions to survive. Adding layers to each character, such as Marilyn’s aunt Zabi who has passed away but appears as Marilyn’s subconscious thoughts in a way that Marilyn knows she is never alone. Another thing that fascinated me is the fact that social media becomes a character in the story. The author does not ignore the social media presence in our lives but instead uses it to her advantage, spicing up the story.

The plot has been developed masterfully by McGraw, engaging the reader and giving just enough information to keep them turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Sketchy Characters is an excellent read for anyone who wants to be kept in suspense the whole time with thrilling situations and lots of action. This riveting novel is so intricate and alluring that you won’t be able to put the book down.

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