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Sheila McGraw’s Sketchy Characters is a page-turner about a character who has to question the sincerity of everyone around her as she strives desperately to escape the schemes of a serial killer. Jobless, broke, and homeless, Marilyn finds new opportunities to advance her life beyond her wildest dreams, albeit at a great cost.

The first unusual development that steers Marilyn toward a new reality is a hurricane that renders her homeless. Following this is a series of events that throw Marilyn into a whirlwind of confusion and suspicion: serial killings, dangerous scam schemes, arrests, flings with men on both sides of the law, and a literal fight for survival. Marilyn finds it hard to trust anyone as she discovers shocking secrets about the people in her life.

In Sketchy Characters, the artists of a figure-drawing group are being bumped off. Here, a life study, ink on rag paper, by Sheila McGraw.

I wasn’t expecting this! The excitement of running a perilous scheme involving millions of dollars. The fear while fighting off a serial killer. The tingling, sensual feeling of exchanging sparks with new romantic partners.

Sketchy Characters spins from one surprising event to another, shattering my expectations and leaving me eager to discover the eventual outcomes. Marilyn is portrayed in a desperate situation that reflects our profit-driven world and its tendency to force people to make immoral decisions to survive.

The themes explored in the book include court battles, naked modeling, catfishing, the press, loss, serial killing, drug dealing, deceit, and more. I could not drop the book for a second. The adroit balance of different elements, like an intricate description of the world, clever and perceptive observations, realistic conversations, and an intricate, well-planned plot results in a masterpiece that deserves to be awarded and celebrated. I have developed a taste for Sheila McGraw’s writing, and I want more!

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